Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Up in the Air or a George Clooney post!

I watched Jason Reitman's Up in the Air yesterday and loved it. I'm not getting into the details here. But must add that George Clooney was @ his delectable best. This role was cut out for him. The man plays a corporate assassin and is hired by firms to fire their employees posted across the United States. And in between all this recession and downsizing chaos, u don't fail to see his charm. There is definitely some kind of charm associated with men who don't want to commit. Atleast when u see them on screen. And he fits this role of a self-assured, confident, professional, playboy (not really a playboy but it is assumed that he takes his relationships casually) to a T. Vera Farmiga is an excellent choice for her role as Alex. I loved the crisp dialogues, smooth flow of scenes, and an unpredictable predictability. There is a dialogue in the movie where Kendrick says that she wants to be exactly like Alex when she is her age, I felt the same. I want to be like Alex when I reach her age - Poised and so sure of myself!


An Open Book said...

me too me too i loved Alex in the movie and wanted to be exactly like her minus the sleeping around when im married and have a family ;).
Roshan thought the movie was a bit depressing esp now with all the down sizing and all..i thought they have managed to bring humour into the whole thing and make it very light. I thoroughly enjoyed it and GC is eatable ..if you know what i mean ;)

Pointblank said...

@ Open book - Ofcorz I know what u mean. He is sooo yummy! :D

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