Saturday, March 6, 2010

Life lessons Learnt # 1 - Value yourself

I'm starting a series of posts titled ' Life Lessons Learnt'. These are from my own personal experiences or inputs I got from closely observing other's lives - whatever, it is purely my reflections. These won't teach you to take life by its horns, but will definitely make the journey less tumultous. In an ideal world, we just have to follow our heart. And our hearts tell us the best of things, if only we listened. I believe that the first person ( as in human) who comes to know when we err is ourselves. Others notice much later. Our conscience gives us the best advice. But unfortunately we don't live in an ideal world. Following our hearts can be naive and even invite trouble. In a selfish world, these lessons will come extremely handy. And these are just to remind myself when I forget them. And I'm just a novice. So your comments can be extremely useful to me. You can agree, disagree, criticise or compliment. Whatever it is, do feel free to express .You will never be judged. I will probably write other posts along with it.

Life lessons learnt # 1 - Value yourself

This is the most important lesson I learnt in life. You may have everything else in life, but inner happiness can stem from only valuing urself. Money, luxuries, love - nothing can get you happiness if you lack in self esteem. Absolutely no one will value a person who doesn't value himself. How can you expect someone to value you when you don't value yourself? Remember, everyone likes a pushover, but truly respect only one with some selfrespect. So bending backwards to accommodate an unreasonable friend, compromising your values to be in the good books of a boss and losing your individuality for a spouse is a strict No-N0. Well... life requires u to compromise. And there are many happy compromises as well, where u willingly give in to another. But wherever your deeply held beliefs are concerned, you should never budge. U may be tagged as stubborn. But it doesn't really matter as long as u are true to yourself. As the saying goes " It does not matter what others think about u. But what u think about urself matters a lot". So yes, value yourself and be the person you would respect.


the blogger formerly known as sansmerci said...

i c ur bak in blogosphere in full force :) good good keep it goin.. hope i get inspired

hey..jus left u an award at my blog.. pls come n collect it :)

the blogger formerly known as sansmerci said...

jus read this post.. well written and inspiring.. wish i cud follow it so badly.. somehow i ll jus remain a pushover all my life i guess!

Pointblank said...

@ sanmerci - Thanks a ton for the award girl:)

lex said...

Its not the matter of valuing yourself neets. It is very difficult to live in this corrupted world. We need to change each minute according to the occurring changes and that
really sucks. Sometimes how much we prove our self, it wont get recognized. No body can
understand others, so its better to mind our own bloody business... Life sucks really sucks.... errrrr. I cant learn any lessons from myself. All the time life takes me to a new twist and struggle. Sometimes we need to give up... i think now that's the success of life. Learn to ignore and numb...