Saturday, April 26, 2008

Have you ever surprised yourself?

We often believe that we know ourselves best. We even pride on the fact that we are complete masters of our mind. And our actions. But there are times when you surprise yourself. -Crying at the most inappropriate place for crazy reasons even when you have fought back tears during worse adversaries, laughing at the crappiest of jokes despite being fully aware of its crappiness, had feelings for the kinda people you never thought you would fall for, suffered silently through gross injustice even when you are a fighter, made friends with the most unlikely people, had lengthy conversation with people you can never relate to, loved the corniest of songs that you are ashamed of admitting, found the gawkiest of people attractive, stood up for the ones who never meant anything to you.

Has any of this ever happened to you?

Trust doesn’t come easy to me. But then, I surprised myself and trusted someone soon. But the person turns around and backstabs me. So I decide to give her the silent treatment. Now that is something I’m so good at. But then I surprise myself AGAIN and talk to her!!! And I still haven’t forgiven myself for doing this!

So how have you surprised urself??

Monday, April 14, 2008

Coffee, Conversation and others….

Its back to the grind again! After a long break, m back to the corporate world. And that explains my absence from blogsville! And how much ever earning for yourself feels good, I really miss that blissful state of joblessness! Sigh…I can no longer stay up late into the night doing.. well…almost nothing. I cant sleep late into the mornings. I have a schedule to stick to and life is mechanical once again. I hate not being in control of my life anymore. If there is anything that I badly want, it is to follow my whims and fancies at every turn and never be told what is to be done. So being on my own, not having to follow rules made me a lazy bum. Now I’m battling to snap outta it. Now my eyes have a mind of their own. And to keep them from falling shut, I ‘m consuming excessive coffee! It indeed is a stimulant. And then while I sip on my coffee, I think of 25 years of work life that’s stretching ahead me!!! Life has just begun and I have to work for another 25 years NON STOP! Sigh….. And I realized another thing. Since I write the whole day at work, I’m no more motivated to blog. I never knew this would happen to me. Now that explains the crappiness of this post. Yeah, yeah! I blame it all on work stress! (Chuckle)

A typical mid -20 female conversation 

This is an online conversation I had with my friend P some time back. Thot I should put it down here.

P – guess wot! I'm turning 27 in two days!!!
Me – age is just a number girl
P – Yeah, U say that cuz ur only 24! Lets wait till u turn 27!
Me- well… not really… 24 or 27, u have earned that many years of ur life. So u gotta be proud of it.
P – Proud?!?!? ! U miss out on the babe factor.
Me – Oh! No! Ur the ultimate babe! 20 or 30!
P – Well…J thinks so atleast
Me – J is crazy
P – That he is...
Me - Lol..
P - But then he says according to his company’s marketing surveys youth wud mean upto 25!
Me – tell his company to go to hell. So by his own company’s standards he is old eh?
P – Yeah, he admits he is old...Damn! I feel so old. Suddenly I feel jealous of u!
Me- Well.. in three years I will be there too
P – and in three years I will be 30. THIRTY!!!
Me- hmmm…
P- I already started checking out anti-ageing creams
Me – Oh C’mon!!! What u talking bout??
P- Yeah, they say it’s a downhill from 25. Your ageing process begins at 25!
Me- Did J say this too to freak u out?
P – No di... I read it somewhere.
Me – Yeah!!! Ur rite… tat rings a bell somewhere! Tatz terrible!!!
P – Yeah! Tatz exactly what I was telling u!
Me -hmmm..Whoever said age is a number probably died young. That jack ass doesn’t know what growing old feels like! Whew!!!
P – LOL!