Saturday, September 29, 2007

Parzania - Movie Review

I read a review written by my sis on the Movie 'Parzania'. After she mailed it to me to edit it(which I failed to do), I have been nagging her to post it on her blog. Finally she did. But since shez been so out of blogging due to her hectic schedule, there r hardly any visitors. Thot of helpin her out by giving a link to te movie review. Its available at

Friday, September 21, 2007

Turning 24!! - Yippeee!/ Damn!!

Yup, I'm gonna turn 24!!! In a few days time.

And y this mixed feeling? Well... Birthdays are celebration time!! Though I cant exactly remember wen I 'celebrated' my b'day te last time. Neverthless, its a special day. Its te day u made ur grand entry into this world , te day u were born. And its a day ppl from far n near remember u, call u jus to wish u on ur spl day...u receive gifts, pamper urself and try to smile n laugh n have a good time!!And if u get to spend this day with ur loved ones, therez nothing like it. Yippeee!

Its also te day u turn a year older. Well...m not going to change or grow dramatically in t next 3 days leading to my b'day. Yet, its a definite mark. its a reminder tat u have spend tat many years in this world, tat ur heading towards change, tat ur growing up.. and unfortunately growing older too!! - Contrary to wot u have always thot. Atleast contrary to wot I have thot. I always thot I would stay young for ever, tat old age and its traumas were for other ppl. How naive!!! So wen te realization hits u, it doesn feel great. Next Sept I wil turn 25, then some day 30 (Oh! NO!). And age wil bring along with it myriad problems - wrinkles, diseases, aches n jus pure madness. (Mad at urself for te way ur, for not doing those things u should have done in ur youth , so on.) And if ur a woman, dont even talk bout it. Women grow older faster, both physically n emotionally. Men r so lucky. They get married late, grow up even later (muhahaha), have time for all te fun before they get serious in life. And even if a man is 35, he can still manage to look young (unless ofcourse if ur bald! but still, u cn try a hair transpant). But a 35 yr ol woman look ypung only if she is a super model or smthg. Err.. do anti-ageing creams actually work!??!!??! Cuz its not really a great sight to see urself growing paler n weeker! Damn!

Hey.. WAIT! This is my b;day post. Its supposed to be happy!!! And wot m I freting bout? (And te damn! took longer to explain tahn te yippee! )M still young!!! But so much to do n so lil time!!!

Happy Birthday to ME!!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Growing up 'Parentless'

I stumbled on a beautiful blog recently. There was a particular post on the blogger's father's death. She had written a line which went something like " I thought one grew up when one had a child, but now I think one truly grows up wen one loses a parent". I spared a thought on all those people who lost one or both parents when they were young. It must have been really tough for them. They probably dint have a childhood cuz they had to grow up fast. Now wen I look back, I'm glad tat I have been tolerant to those parentless people I had met in my life. Sometimes they had driven me nuts. And I had conveyed it clear to them. But deep inside I had been understanding and forgiving.I realized that growing up fast had a toll on them. And today I'm glad that I did that.