Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Honest Scrap Award

The blogger formerly known as sansmerci has awarded me with the Honest Scrap Award. Thanks a lot girl!

The award requires me to post the award and write 10 things about me and tag back the blogger who gave you the award.

So here are ten things about me.

1. I just love that half asleep - half awake feeling. That time when I have just woken up from sleep, yet not really wide awake. I'm at my dreamiest best during that state of semi consciousness and I love that phase when I can feel myself slipping back to sleep.. Too much naa?

2. I love solitude and being on my own. Probably cuz I enjoy my company... buhahaha... so when that magical cocoon is ruptured, u better offer me something equally good ;)

3. I'm happiest when I'm surrounded by words, having a lovely conversation with a friend/ smtimes even a stranger, watching an inspiring or entertaining movie, discovering a beautiful song that I keep humming all the time, reading smthg that strikes a chord with me, digging into some delectable food and enjoying some 'me' time or writing my heart out. I live for these things.

4. Sometimes I break into uncontrollable fits of laughter for no apparent reason. And in most of the cases, it will be at an inappropriate place or time . For eg: prayer time in school or when the teacher has pulled me up for not doing my homework or when I'm travelling alone.

5. I was called "Doo doo" when I was a kid. Some people still call me that. Back then, I used to create a ruckus when somebody did that.

6. I'm extremely emotional. But when it comes to expressing my emotions, sometimes I overdo it and at other times underplay it. I can stay completely calm covering up my fears or put on a cheery smile and talk excitedly when I'm crying inside . Or I can let the whole world know that I'm angry, sad or scared. There is no middle ground for me.

7. I can come out of almost every awkward situation through giggles or straight talk.

8. I'm a detached-attached kinda person. Go figure!

9. I suck at technology. I'm always the last one to know about new gadgets.

10. I can be quite argumentative ( though I'm working very hard to get rid of it). But I can be a very good mediator when others fight. I'm the peacemaker!

I pass on the awards to lex, shades of grey. Thanks sansmerci once again!


Lexi said...

hey nice molss... its nice way of putting the things about yourself in points and I liked it reading. The main thing is that, you know yourself exactly dee... well I don't know about myself. And some things are common in we both like laughing at unnecessary situations, argues a lot and I too enjoy ma boredom and loneliness sometimes... :)

Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

Very nice, especially the Doo Doo info, keep going!