Monday, June 6, 2011

The Loves of my life....

Iam sometimes such an easy person to please... Ofcorz. there are days when am cranky and grumpy... and I can be such a fussy and hard to please person... but these are some of the simple pleasures of life that I enjoy...

- Staying up late into the night : Iam a nocturnal. PERIOD. I come alive it night. I work better at night, I write better at night, Iam more fun @ night iam a better person at night.. Iam simply a night person. Mornings are meant for idling around. I take time to come out of my zombie state in the morning. Iam low on energy, prefer not to make much conversation and carry on like that. But come night, and I want to go out with friends, i want to catch a movie, want to go for long drives, want to sitay up and read a book, write my heart out , listen to my fav things, make long fone calls. can do all of these in the morning too. But they attain a completely different meaning at night.

-Sleeping late into the morning : This is partly because of the point mentioned above, but not limited to it. I love cuddling up under layers of blanket. And I love that feeling of waking up in the morning and being glad that I have few more precious minutes to catch up on my sleep. That feeling of slipping into sleep is awesome!!!

- Chocolate cakes - Digging into rich, creamy, gooey chocolate cake. Yummm! Divine! I can't think of another word for it.

- Words - I love beautifully expressed words. Doesn't matter whether they are my own creation, said by someone known to me, sent in a mail by a friend, read in a book, heard in a movie, lyrics of a song, or directions to use on a face wash brand (yep, I read them too. not once, around 2-3 times). So yeah, I love words and they can move me like nothing else.

- Laughter - If u are my friend, sense of humour is a must. Though Iam generally a thinking person (doesn't matter what I think about), I love humour. And the wilder, the humour.I need my daily dose of laughter to keep me sane. I enjoy the company of people with sense of humour. And my company is such a booster for them too, as I genuinely appreciate their humour. A joke cracked by a friend can light up my day. I can laugh at a totally dumb joke, but can appreciate an intelligent joke as much. Sarcasm is my thing. And I totally enjoy wicked humour too. Iam a feminist, but am almost always the first one to laugh at a sexist joke. Cuz I can take a joke, even if its at my own expense.

- Novelty : Iam a creature off habit. And I hate tp get out of my comfort zone. But I still love the rush that novelty gives. Moving into a new city, meeting new people, making new friends, trying out a new cuisine, learning a new language or conecpt, everything excites me. Routine and familiarty bores me.

Shopping - It is fun and therapeutic. I love all its varieties. I love walking into a posh mall all alone, checking out everything they have and coming out without buying anything, but beaming with hapiness and feeling good. I just emjoy being in the midst of all those goodies. I love going to a street-side shop with friends, bargaining with all my might and grabbing some really good deals, again beaming with pride over my bargaining skills (which needs some serious brushing). I enjoy going to a shop that ( I can actually afford or a bit more expensive than that) and buying tons of stuff for myself and pampering myself. Retail therapy. I enjoying accompanying friends on their shopping sprees, advising them on what looks good on them (that is, if they ask for my help), running around the place and getting them stuff while they preen in front of mirrors in the trial rooms, I enjoy all of this. I get as much pleasure in picking up a coffee mug as i get while buy myself a new outfit. Clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, cosmetics, toiletries, crockery, cutlery, stationary and the likes.... I love shopping for all that.