Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My name is CRAP!!!

Really!!! No, not my name. But the movie is a truck full of crap! KJo ( I believe this is how Karan Johar is fondly called-KJo. Just like JLo) has proved yet again that he cannot make a good movie to save his life. Lets rewind and think about Kuch Kuch Hota Hain. It was a huge hit. But even back then (I was just in school), I found so many flaws in the movie. I thought Shahkrukh's character was the most flawed. He and Kajol are best buddies. Kajol falls in love with him, but he loves Rani and marries her. Rani dies, but Shahrukh keeps on mumbling that love happens only once. And whether it is right or wrong, I'm impressed by the conviction of the character. But then what happens? He falls in love with Kajol when she drapes a Sari!!!! The sari is just to get the message across that she has transformed from a tom boy to a woman. Point taken! But what happened to Shahrukh's convictions?Ok, now people are not always right about convictions. But when u let go of ur convictions, it is always seen as a failure. But since it is Shahrukh, the director decided it to glorify it. And back then, I thought Kajol's character lacked self-respect. The guy wounded her deeply, but ran back to her like a lost puppy when he was lonely in life. And she took him back. Well... back then, I was an idealist. I'm sure it happens in the real world, esply if the woman places her love above her own self esteem. But then I feel Kajol's character doesn't know how to keep a commitment also. She ditches Salman on the day of her engagement for a ex-lover-ex-buddy. But she can still be excused cuz I think one shouldn't stay in a relationship or even enter one just to keep a commitment. Commitment should be a result of love. And when there is no love involved, the commitment u make becomes a compromise. So lets forgive Kajol. But what about Shahrukh. Though it is possible for friendship to grow into love, this one doesn't seem right at all. He never fell in love with Kajol back in college even though they were best of friends. He fell for Rani instead. And then he is back to Kajol when Rani is no more. I somehow cannot respect that character at all.

Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gham... I'm not even attempting. The movie had a set of people who shed copious amount of tears at the drop of a hat. The lavish sets and garish costumes were stinging my eyes. Not to talk about the melodramatic dialogues. Who talks things like that? I'm not even discussing about all the other movie he made. Though Wake up Sid from the same banner (Kjo dint direct it) was aweesomeee!

Back to MNIK.... The movie was D.R.R.R.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.AG.I.N.G!!!! I was told it is one of shortest movies made by KJo. I din't feel it that way. The movie seemed to go on forever. NewYork, a movie which deals with the post 9/11 scenario was far superior. It was crisp, with emotions that actually made u fight back a tear and scenes that evoked empathy. MNIK lacked all that. Full marks to Zarina Jawab who played Shahrukh's mom in the movie. And the guy who played the broadcaster. I forgot his name. But other than that nthg really struck a chord with me. Infact, there is a scene in the movie where a policeman smacks SRK on his face, I found myself rooting for the policeman. Kajol was just average. She is completely amused by everything that SRK utters, even the not-so funny things. Maybe cuz he is a big star eh? I'm sure if it was a lesser actor who ends up saying non-funny things she wouldn't find them half as funny. I think the movie should have only one main theme. This has two - Autism and post 9/11. The director lost focus while making the movie. He din't really know which one to concentrate on, and it became a medley. And I feel the actors who played Shahrukh's childhood did a better job than Shahrukh.

My humble advice to Shahrukh and KJo - U both are great entertainers. Extremely eloquent and witty. Stick to hosting shows and giving kickass interviews. Kindly stay out of movies. Thanks in advance!

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Shades of Grey said...

I really didn't like SRK much beyond DDLJ - and back then I was a teen with hormones raging, and no clue of what a good actor was. I DO like his interviews though :D Kajol just plain bugs me.