Monday, March 29, 2010


I have terrible mood swings. Thats just the way Iam. I get bitten by the blues every now and then. And the best way to not get caught unawares is to be prepared. And this is what I do...

1. Buy loads of movie DVDs (preferably the feel-good variety) and add to ur collection. So when ever I'm not feeling great, I catch a good movie.

2. Keep a collection of Feminas, Marie Claires, Cosmpolitans or Forbes. They are like instant happiness boosters. Sometimes a mere look at the latest trends in fashion will work wonders for me. If u are a voracious reader, u can buy books too. But books rarely do the trick for me. I need some warm up time ( which is unusually long, but depends on the book) to really get involved in the book.

3. Stock up on goodies in the refrigerator. The richer and the creamier the better. But m really trying not to do this.

4. Cut off people who don't make me feel good. They might be insensitive morons who make rude remarks... rich buggers whose talk on all things sophisticated make me realise how poor I'm... intimidating rascals who make u feel inferior, and smtimes rightly so... cribbers who crib about every damn thing on earth and drag me into their web of pessimism and negative thoughts... gossip mongers who gossip or bitch all the time and lure me into doing the same thing (yes, I'm weak-willed smtimes).... clingy people who give me no space and keep demanding one thing or the other... nags to whom I have to give explanations all the time, yet they never understand.... They may not be intentionally out to harm me. But if sharing space or thoughts with someone makes me feel any less happy, I cut them off. The list may be long, But I prefer it this way.

5. Interact more with happy, fun loving people. And happiness is definitely infectious.

6. Spend more time with my kiddo cousin. Their toothless smile, baby talk, little mischief and unexpected cuddles are pure joy.

7. Keep learning something new from time to time.

8. Pray

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I'm loving it!!!!

I'm loving life right now! I'm the kind of person who gets totally kicked by the simplest of pleasures and gets totally upset by the smallest of disasters. But right now, I'm totally on top of the world. I'm truly happy. Some of the reasons are very personal, so I wouldn't disclose it. But here are the less personal ones. I may be a little mysterious here. But thats all I can reveal now...

One, I'm more sure of myself. I never thought this will happen to me. This doesn't mean that I won't be unsure tomorrow or the day after. But right now, I'm completely secure and totally @ peace. I think I even know .. hold ur breath... what I want in life. I have a vague idea atleast.

Two, I'm comfortable with myself. Now, I think its okay to be boring at times (which is like most of the time) and I don't have to try and entertain others all the time. I was always bogged down by the pressure to entertain. I lifted that pressure off me. Silence is no more awkward. I learnt that art of communicating through silence. I always loved the little details. Now I'm okay with saying whats just necessary. I don't really want to ruin what silence can achieve.

Three, I realised that people like me more than I thought they did. And does it feel good or wot? I have always thought I had major character flaws (I come across as intimidating, snobbish etc) on the exterior atleast, and it was difficult for people to see that I wasn't all bad. But looks like I was wrong.

Four, Friends have been really supportive and good. Some broken friendships which I thought can never be fixed have been fixed, some demanding friendships which I thought I can never let go has been left behind, made some deep friendships with genuine like-minded people, realised that some friends will always love me... It has been awesome!!!

Five, I'm not bored. Though I know to cook only a handful of things 'm pretty confident in the kitchen. I'm enjoying my piano classes and thats offering me enough entertainment. I discovered "Two and a half men" - a sitcom in Star World. I always knew it existed, but got to catch it only now and I'm thoroughly enjoying it.

Six, I'm praying more and feels it works. Those of u know me, know that I was an agnostic. But now I have changed and I'm not ashamed to admit it. I have always maintained that the moment I get an inner call, i will embrace it. But I will do it only in my own terms. No amount of forcing, cajoling or coaxing will work with me. And here, I got my inner call, though a faint one, and I'm opening myself to it. That doesn't mean that I don't have any doubts. I sure have them in plenty. That doesn't mean that I will accept and do everything people do. It just means that I have woken upto the possibility of a God. And it sure is very reassuring! :)

And thanks a lot to all u people who have stuck by me during tough times... yes, YOU, YOU and YOU.... You know who u are.... Thanks a lot... Love u all....

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Happy Day!

Today is a Happy Happy Happy day for me!!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 22, 2010


I sooo wish I could take charge of my life and make things Happen. But I'm such a laid-back person that I always sit around and wait for things to happen on their own. But things rarely work out like that in life. But I just don't have the drive and the will power to take matters into my hand. Finally when I manage to talk myself into doing something, I fail at it miserably. I just don't trust myself to do anything properly. I'm such a loser!!!! I take two steps forward and take four steps backward. I just cannot seem to do anything right. I decide on doing something and focus hard, but then all those crazy thoughts playing in my head weigh me down. It takes away all hopes from me. I'm tired of this battle. I'm really tired of it.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Facebook has an application called God's message which I check regularly. Now I don't think it is God's message directly, cuz facebook is no saint. But the messages are all positive and make me feel good. So I check them regularly. This is what I got recently and I think I need to give it some serious thought...

... that it's okay to receive. Have you been the giver for so long that you have forgotten how to receive? Allow others to give you some of the love that you give so freely. Seek a balance between your giving and your receiving.

I do think I have a problem receiving just about anything - love, time, money, concern, attention or even a tiny favour. I don't claim to be too much of a giver either. But I'm definitely more comfortable giving than receiving. I wonder why is it so. A part of the problem lies with the whole trouble of ASKING.However close a relationship is, I'm often uncomfortable asking for smthg. One of the reasons is the fear of rejection. What if they say No? That is definitely gong to hurt my feelings. If not, it will atleast make me feel a bit awkward. What if they say Yes without really wanting to. That is going to be worse. I hate to be a burden or a nuisance to anyone. So either ways, it is going to be tough. I think it is much easier when someone volunteers to help me. But even then smthg inside me resists it fiercely. I'm just not comfortable with receiving anything. And I think it is because I feel I don't deserve anything - a feeling of unworth. I guess I need to really learn to Receive!!!

Right Now.....

1. I'm hit by the "bye-bye blues". I just don't like anyone leaving or me leaving anyone behind. Each time I have to do that, smthg in me hurt. And then I think of more such moments awaiting me.

2. Last two days were wonderful with loads of shopping/ window shopping, watching movies and conversations. I already miss them.

3. I wonder If I would always remember the people who are important to me right now. Would I forget them when life gets busier? Would I feel the same closeness that I share today? Would they even remember me? I will see less of the people I want to see everyday. I may even talk or mail less. Today, it breaks me to think that someday things might change. But when that 'someday' comes, all this won't matter.

4. I don't want to grow up. ( I mean grow old. I'm already grown up). I don't want things to change. I don't want to move on.

5. I gave an interview today and it went off decently well. But there were some unexpected surprises.

6. I have been trying hard and hoping so much for smthg and praying for it as well. And when things seemed smooth, I had to ruin it again. Why? Why? Why? Why am I so weak-willed?

7. I soo sooo sooooo want to belong!!!!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I will always be beside you
until the very end,
wiping all the tears away
being ur best friend.
I will smile when u smile
and feel all the pain u do,
If u cry a single tear
I promise I will cry too

- Courtesy Internet

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Life' s still good...

Previous post was a depressing one. But it was one of those days where everything was going wrong. But things are rosy and cheery once again. Thanks to all u guys who wrote in. It meant a lot to me.

I have an ever-expanding list of 'things to do', things to learn and 'things to change about myself'. I'm glad that finally I'm able to tackle them one by one, slowly yet steadily.

1. I'm finally out of a depression that I have been fighting for months. Though I sulk once in a while (that is allowed), I'm generally happy. Like they say, "if it doesn't kill u, it makes u stronger". And it definitely has made me stronger. I learnt very important lessons and now I feel I needed that bad phase. I'm glad I emerged out of it! Congratulations to me.

2. I have been thinking of a life style change for a long while. I know that I'm capable of so much more ( let modesty go to the dogs), but I'm not doing smthg right. To begin with, my time management sucks! But now I'm glad that I have brought about a life style change - daily walks, eating healthy, drinking loads of water, sleeping on time, reading more, thinking positively, controlling my urge to control everything, controlling my temper and praying. And it does feel very very good.

3. My relationship with my mom is improving. My mom has always been a great woman, a devoted wife and a doting mother. But like every daughter and mom, we had our occassional differences. And things became unbearable during those tumultous teenage years. That is the time when a girl needs her mom most. And I felt she was never around. I still hold it against her.
The fact that she holds a highly responsible job, is fiercely ambitious, has a lotta younger siblings emotionally and otherwise dependent on her and has a wide network of friends, added to the problem. I felt that she had time for everyone else and everything else in the world, but me. I was always mad @ her that she never tried to fix things. I know that she loves me a lot, but our relationship was never the way I wanted it to be. So finally I thought that instead of expecting her to take an initiative, I should take things into my hands. I felt that I should appreciate her more and criticise her less. And finally things have become so much better.

4 I have turned into a decent cook. I still need to check recipes to cook an okay-ish dish. Thanks to online recipes, mom and helpful aunts, I'm managing quite well. I have a long way to go. But I was someone who entered the kitchen to just make lime juice ( not even tea unless on those rare ocassions) or STIR ( Yeah, I love stirring. I feel very important when I do that. Lol!) There were times when I have tried making a 'thoran' or a 'mezhukkupuratti' or 'chappathis', but the results were disastrous. And about chopping veggies? Don't even get there. Even the apples and pears that I chop don't come out neat and uniform. But I din't lose hope. I was told that I may have 'kaipunyam" cuz my great grandmom, grandmom and mom are great cooks and I would have inherited their skills. And guess wot, my great grandmom is the eldest daughter of her parents, my grandmom is the eldest daughter of my great grandmom, my mom is the eldest daughter of my grandmom and I'm the eldest daughter of my mom. I don't know what I'm trying to say here. But i do find this a bit amusing. Guess wot, I have always been told that girls should learn to cook cuz eventually they are going to someone else's house to cook for some one else. The feminist in me totally detested this. The whole idea of me learning to cook so that a total stranger and his family can be fed was just beyond me. I just couldn't picture myself slaving in the kitchen while totally unrelated people feast .I did everything to make sure that I don't learn cooking. I thought cooking was a very uncool thing to do. I know I know, I was naive to think such thoughts. But if only my grandmom had told me that cooking is a life saving skill and will only make me more independent, I would have been truly fascinated. So from that girl who yelled at anyone who mocked at me for not knowing cooking, I have come a long way.

5. I have started my piano classes and I'm completely enjoying it. Though I can't sing, I have always been very musically-inclined (who is not?). I consider myself a rhythmic person ( whatever that means, I just like the idea) and I can be completely moved by a certain song and listen to it for hours on end and not get bored. So I thought I should be able to create music for my own amusement. And from there began my desire to learn musical instruments. So someday I want to be able to play the Piano, Guitar, Violin and Jazz..someday.. and I guess Piano is a great start. I'm glad that finally I found the time, (a nearby) place and the inclination to go for it. Well... I have just attended 3 classes and right now I'm just training my fingers. It began with the finger exercises . I need to make my fingers more nimble. Right now, when I press my pinky finger, the ring finger doesn't stay still. But somehow I'm already lovinggg it.

6. I'm finally getting a chance to learn French. I have been wanting to learn French for the past 7 years but things never worked out. I have made numerous calls to Alliance Francaise , always telling them that I will join the next time. I even joined it once but could attend only few classes because of my hectic work schedule. But this time things look brighter and I'm more determined. And the best part is that I'm getting a 50% reduction on the course. The course which originally costs Rs 5000/- is now available at Rs 2500/-. What a beautiful deal!!! I also want to learn German, Italian, Spanish, Korean, Japanese and Bengali someday...

Thats it for now... I thought I owe myself a good post...

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Lot of thoughts crossing my mind... I'm not in a mood to write multiple posts, so squeezing them all into one...

1. I'm extremely lazy these days. I wake up and lie on my bed for another two hours. Then after I climb down the stairs I refuse to make myself coffee ( convincing myself that coffee is bad for health) and omlette ( cuz I really don't think its worth the trouble. Today I made one tho, sans onion and green chillies). I don't toast my bread. Again not worth the trouble. After I'm done with the breakfast, I plonk on the bed, take the newspaper out, stare and fall asleep. I wake up, decide not to read the newspaper , insert a DVD into my DVD player, but I realise that I don't want to watch the movie. I contemplate if I should walk on the treadmill and that would kinda freshen me up. But that would mean I will have to take a shower immediately after that. But what if I'm not in a mood to shower after the walk. Then I would end up being all sweaty. And while I lie there in a state of sluggishness, I don't realise it is past lunch time. I don't want to cook, I don't even want to heat up stuff from the refrigerator. All I really want to do is lie down and think think and think till I sleep. And when I wake up, I want to think more till I sleep again. Right now, I'm not feeling terrible. I'm just bored. And guess wot, I'm thoroughly enjoying this boredom. I'm not complaining at all. I don't want to do anything. I don't want to talk, go out, meet people, eat, read, watch movies or have fun. I don't want to change myself. I have accepted that this is how I'm and this is how I will be. I find comfort in this boredom, in this sluggishness, in this lack of purpose.

2. I want to belong.... Somewhere. Belonging no where is a not a great feeling. All my life I have been trying to do two things - To belong and then to severe ties and not belong. But now I want to belong.

3. I suffer from a severe case of identity crisis. I don't think like most people. So does that make me a social outcast? Does that make me a rebel? But I don't do all those outrageous things that rebels do. So what does that make me? Where do I belong?

4. I said in point 1, that I'm happy. But as I write this I'm getting depressed. I want to cry but my tears have dried up.

5. I wonder if I will be ashamed of this post. If so, I will take it off later.

6. I'm missing my sis terribly.

7. I want a nephew or niece. And this is not cuz I want to have kids. When I say a nephew or niece, I just want that. Its such a thrill being their favourite aunt or their only aunt. I get majorly jealous when I see friends with young niece or nephew. And feel sorry for friends with kids. They may love their life, but that doesn't make me feel any less sorry.

8. I hate it when older people talk about marriage like it is a vacation or so much fun. Both them and I know that marriage is not a vacation. And about people telling me how they want to attend my marriage cuz they are going to have fun and my grandmom wants to see me as a bride before she dies.... I think its too silly. It puts a lot of unnecessary pressure now. For all u know, the day u get married is just ONE day of ur life, the what u ask for in the bargain is a life long commitment. Funnily enough, people talk about just that ONE day. They all want to be part of that pre-wedding excitement, all the talks, do shopping, dress up, arrive in style, play their respective parts , dress me up and have a great time and then send me off.

9. For once, I want to be normal. I just want to think the normal thoughts, do the normal things and be happy with a normal life. I'm just tired of being the complicated person that I'm.

10. I'm more depressed now. I'm wondering if I should stop writing this.

11. I want to talk to someone. But at this point of time, I cant think of even one person I really want to talk to.

12. People who I like don't understand my craziness. People who understand my craziness, I don't like them sometimes.

13. I want to take charge of my life. But I really don't want to.

14. I'm tired of fighting, arguing and crying. I don't have the strength to go on. I'm going to give up.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Honest Scrap Award

The blogger formerly known as sansmerci has awarded me with the Honest Scrap Award. Thanks a lot girl!

The award requires me to post the award and write 10 things about me and tag back the blogger who gave you the award.

So here are ten things about me.

1. I just love that half asleep - half awake feeling. That time when I have just woken up from sleep, yet not really wide awake. I'm at my dreamiest best during that state of semi consciousness and I love that phase when I can feel myself slipping back to sleep.. Too much naa?

2. I love solitude and being on my own. Probably cuz I enjoy my company... buhahaha... so when that magical cocoon is ruptured, u better offer me something equally good ;)

3. I'm happiest when I'm surrounded by words, having a lovely conversation with a friend/ smtimes even a stranger, watching an inspiring or entertaining movie, discovering a beautiful song that I keep humming all the time, reading smthg that strikes a chord with me, digging into some delectable food and enjoying some 'me' time or writing my heart out. I live for these things.

4. Sometimes I break into uncontrollable fits of laughter for no apparent reason. And in most of the cases, it will be at an inappropriate place or time . For eg: prayer time in school or when the teacher has pulled me up for not doing my homework or when I'm travelling alone.

5. I was called "Doo doo" when I was a kid. Some people still call me that. Back then, I used to create a ruckus when somebody did that.

6. I'm extremely emotional. But when it comes to expressing my emotions, sometimes I overdo it and at other times underplay it. I can stay completely calm covering up my fears or put on a cheery smile and talk excitedly when I'm crying inside . Or I can let the whole world know that I'm angry, sad or scared. There is no middle ground for me.

7. I can come out of almost every awkward situation through giggles or straight talk.

8. I'm a detached-attached kinda person. Go figure!

9. I suck at technology. I'm always the last one to know about new gadgets.

10. I can be quite argumentative ( though I'm working very hard to get rid of it). But I can be a very good mediator when others fight. I'm the peacemaker!

I pass on the awards to lex, shades of grey. Thanks sansmerci once again!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Life lessons Learnt # 1 - Value yourself

I'm starting a series of posts titled ' Life Lessons Learnt'. These are from my own personal experiences or inputs I got from closely observing other's lives - whatever, it is purely my reflections. These won't teach you to take life by its horns, but will definitely make the journey less tumultous. In an ideal world, we just have to follow our heart. And our hearts tell us the best of things, if only we listened. I believe that the first person ( as in human) who comes to know when we err is ourselves. Others notice much later. Our conscience gives us the best advice. But unfortunately we don't live in an ideal world. Following our hearts can be naive and even invite trouble. In a selfish world, these lessons will come extremely handy. And these are just to remind myself when I forget them. And I'm just a novice. So your comments can be extremely useful to me. You can agree, disagree, criticise or compliment. Whatever it is, do feel free to express .You will never be judged. I will probably write other posts along with it.

Life lessons learnt # 1 - Value yourself

This is the most important lesson I learnt in life. You may have everything else in life, but inner happiness can stem from only valuing urself. Money, luxuries, love - nothing can get you happiness if you lack in self esteem. Absolutely no one will value a person who doesn't value himself. How can you expect someone to value you when you don't value yourself? Remember, everyone likes a pushover, but truly respect only one with some selfrespect. So bending backwards to accommodate an unreasonable friend, compromising your values to be in the good books of a boss and losing your individuality for a spouse is a strict No-N0. Well... life requires u to compromise. And there are many happy compromises as well, where u willingly give in to another. But wherever your deeply held beliefs are concerned, you should never budge. U may be tagged as stubborn. But it doesn't really matter as long as u are true to yourself. As the saying goes " It does not matter what others think about u. But what u think about urself matters a lot". So yes, value yourself and be the person you would respect.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya

This is not exactly a movie review.. this is more about me!

I read the full review of the movie well in advance believing that I will never watch this movie. Just like Trisha's character in the movie has watched just 5 movies in her life time, I have watched only so many or a lesser number of Tamil movies. To begin with, I had very little exposure to Tamil during my school days. Neither of my parents watched Tamil, so there was never a Tamil channel tuned in to nor a Tam movie played. None of my friends watched Tamil too. This is strange cuz most of the mals do watch tam movies. But smhow I wasn't with the kind of people who did, so never really had an intro to tamil movies. But when I did , I felt there was lot of cheap heroism, vulgar dance moves and crass dialogues. But VTV trailers and reviews did catch my attention. I was wondering if I should catch it and that is when one of my friends called up and said a coupla them are watching it and if I wanted to join. And join I did. My friend was constantly doing the translations for me. But I guess even without it I could have followed it. Somehow, I could grasp the essence of the movie. I liked it. The romance is subtle, yet very endearing. Friends who were looking for happily-ever-afters dint quite like it. But the melancholic in me loved the whole concept of unrequited love. Moreover, it was more realistic. This is how most love stories are in real life. People break up and move on. Sm do that faster, some at a slower pace. But they do move on. Or don't they? I guess it probably depends on the intensity of the feeling or the personality of the person concerned. Okay, now I'm digressing. So about the movie... it really has a refreshing feel to it. Not overtly mushy, but there is a very restraint sweetness to the dialogues. The leading lady is perpetually confused, but I guess women (smtimes men too) in love do behave that way. Sme women tend to lose all their focus when they are in love. STILL, she is a very practical woman. I think howmuchever people advice u to follow ur heart, decisions made with the heart rarely work out well. And in matters of the heart, it can be extremely difficult to listen to ur head. Forgot to add....Trisha managed to get that sexy-homely look and their chemistry was good. So go watch it!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My name is CRAP!!!

Really!!! No, not my name. But the movie is a truck full of crap! KJo ( I believe this is how Karan Johar is fondly called-KJo. Just like JLo) has proved yet again that he cannot make a good movie to save his life. Lets rewind and think about Kuch Kuch Hota Hain. It was a huge hit. But even back then (I was just in school), I found so many flaws in the movie. I thought Shahkrukh's character was the most flawed. He and Kajol are best buddies. Kajol falls in love with him, but he loves Rani and marries her. Rani dies, but Shahrukh keeps on mumbling that love happens only once. And whether it is right or wrong, I'm impressed by the conviction of the character. But then what happens? He falls in love with Kajol when she drapes a Sari!!!! The sari is just to get the message across that she has transformed from a tom boy to a woman. Point taken! But what happened to Shahrukh's convictions?Ok, now people are not always right about convictions. But when u let go of ur convictions, it is always seen as a failure. But since it is Shahrukh, the director decided it to glorify it. And back then, I thought Kajol's character lacked self-respect. The guy wounded her deeply, but ran back to her like a lost puppy when he was lonely in life. And she took him back. Well... back then, I was an idealist. I'm sure it happens in the real world, esply if the woman places her love above her own self esteem. But then I feel Kajol's character doesn't know how to keep a commitment also. She ditches Salman on the day of her engagement for a ex-lover-ex-buddy. But she can still be excused cuz I think one shouldn't stay in a relationship or even enter one just to keep a commitment. Commitment should be a result of love. And when there is no love involved, the commitment u make becomes a compromise. So lets forgive Kajol. But what about Shahrukh. Though it is possible for friendship to grow into love, this one doesn't seem right at all. He never fell in love with Kajol back in college even though they were best of friends. He fell for Rani instead. And then he is back to Kajol when Rani is no more. I somehow cannot respect that character at all.

Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gham... I'm not even attempting. The movie had a set of people who shed copious amount of tears at the drop of a hat. The lavish sets and garish costumes were stinging my eyes. Not to talk about the melodramatic dialogues. Who talks things like that? I'm not even discussing about all the other movie he made. Though Wake up Sid from the same banner (Kjo dint direct it) was aweesomeee!

Back to MNIK.... The movie was D.R.R.R.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.AG.I.N.G!!!! I was told it is one of shortest movies made by KJo. I din't feel it that way. The movie seemed to go on forever. NewYork, a movie which deals with the post 9/11 scenario was far superior. It was crisp, with emotions that actually made u fight back a tear and scenes that evoked empathy. MNIK lacked all that. Full marks to Zarina Jawab who played Shahrukh's mom in the movie. And the guy who played the broadcaster. I forgot his name. But other than that nthg really struck a chord with me. Infact, there is a scene in the movie where a policeman smacks SRK on his face, I found myself rooting for the policeman. Kajol was just average. She is completely amused by everything that SRK utters, even the not-so funny things. Maybe cuz he is a big star eh? I'm sure if it was a lesser actor who ends up saying non-funny things she wouldn't find them half as funny. I think the movie should have only one main theme. This has two - Autism and post 9/11. The director lost focus while making the movie. He din't really know which one to concentrate on, and it became a medley. And I feel the actors who played Shahrukh's childhood did a better job than Shahrukh.

My humble advice to Shahrukh and KJo - U both are great entertainers. Extremely eloquent and witty. Stick to hosting shows and giving kickass interviews. Kindly stay out of movies. Thanks in advance!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Up in the Air or a George Clooney post!

I watched Jason Reitman's Up in the Air yesterday and loved it. I'm not getting into the details here. But must add that George Clooney was @ his delectable best. This role was cut out for him. The man plays a corporate assassin and is hired by firms to fire their employees posted across the United States. And in between all this recession and downsizing chaos, u don't fail to see his charm. There is definitely some kind of charm associated with men who don't want to commit. Atleast when u see them on screen. And he fits this role of a self-assured, confident, professional, playboy (not really a playboy but it is assumed that he takes his relationships casually) to a T. Vera Farmiga is an excellent choice for her role as Alex. I loved the crisp dialogues, smooth flow of scenes, and an unpredictable predictability. There is a dialogue in the movie where Kendrick says that she wants to be exactly like Alex when she is her age, I felt the same. I want to be like Alex when I reach her age - Poised and so sure of myself!


I know it is lame... but just a current state of my mind...

Never tell a grieving woman that her sorrows are trivial,
All she was looking for was some solace.

Never advice a fiery teenager who is venting out his frustrations,
All he wanted was a patient listener.

Never tell a man at throes of anger that he was wrong,
All he wanted was someone to thrash out with

Never tell a crying child he is too grown up to cry
All he really wanted was to feel like a child.

Never love a dying man too much and give him a desire to live
All he really want is to die a peaceful death.