Sunday, August 10, 2008


Tagged by Chandni loong time back. I was not very regular with my blogs., hence the delay. Anyways, here it is...

I am: still trill trying to discover what I'm. Maybe I should just stop trying and just be!
I think: A LOT!!!
I know: that I'm truly blessed
I want: lots of time to myself, to be in constant touch with people I care about, a daily dose of humour and a fair share of adrenaline rush!
I have: Terrible mood swings.
I wish: I could clear all the misunderstandings I had with few loved ones.
I hate: cunning foxes/ control freaks/chauvinists
I miss: the younger, carefree days.
I fear: growing old, losing my loved ones, dying with unfulfilled wishes, visiting the doc
I feel: that each person is special. One cannot replace the other.
I hear: hardly anything that is being said. Blame it on my short attention span. I hear the first two words and off I go to the la la land.
I smell: nothing at the moment
I crave: some spicy, yummy biriyani
I search: for answers to life’s questions. Nobody seems to have them.
I wonder: when things will be alright
I regret: the missed opportunities, lost time, hurting few people, not valuing certain people
I love: great conversation and good company!
I ache: quite often
I am not: able to live up to my own expectations.
I sing: when no one is around.
I cry: very often.
I don't always: have control over my own actions
I fight: for the sheer pleasure of it/ when I'm wronged/when I'm right
I write: when the mood strikes
I win: whenever I try. But the point is I hardly ever try.
I lose: my patience easily.
I never: like to betray someone.
I always: make sure I keep my word.
I confuse: myself. And sometimes ppl around me too.
I listen: when people talk about things that matter to them, despite the short attention span.
I can usually be found: dreaming away to glory
I need: my space, conversation and fodder for my thoughts.
I am happy about: everything I have. Yet I need more.
I imagine: a lot!

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