Thursday, February 18, 2010

Stolen Tag :P

I was an avid blogger once upon a time. By an avid blogger, I don't just mean someone who blogged regularly. But someone who devoured others' blogs as well. I read all my fav blogs religiously and commented on each one of them. My blogs were also read and commented on more frequently. It was fun cuz loads of friends were also blogging. It is always fun to read a blog when u know the blogger personally. But then, I took a year long break from blogging and things changed. Most of my blogger friends stopped blogging. The bloggers I didn't know forgot me. And even I din't really bother to say a hello to most of them. But I found this tag on Open book's blog and promptly took it up. I have done tags like this, but now m plain bored, so taking it up. And I guess I have evolved as a person. So it is not going to be the same.

1. I'm a person who is completely into the 'feel good' factor. I do things just to make myself feel good. ( who doesn't?). Right from my choice of movies (ofcorz the feel good variety which includes the chick flicks) and books (ezee-breezy reads) to eat out joints,( the fancier the better) or the decision to get a pedicure or a hair spa is all aimed at making myself feel good. They might appear futile, time consuming and extravagant to some. But if it makes me feel good, then it is good enough for me.

2. My laziness, procrastination, tendency to argue constantly, need to prove that I'm always right, impatience, restlessness, temper and mood swings are some of the traits I want to change. And I'm working towards it.

3. I love people. I love watching them, studying them, talking to them, talking about them. But I'm essentially a loner and there are very few things I love more than some quiet time with myself.

4. If there is a new movie released, I have to catch it immediately. If there is a new restaurant or boutique in town, I want to check it out soon. Else I think I'm missing something in life.

5. I'm very attached to my immediate family. And though it can be a lil mushy, I'm extremely grateful for it.

6. I think I'm way too empathetic. A friend has to just narrate a sad incident in his life and I will be worrying over it for the following days and my friend would have blissfully forgotten about it.

7. I have a mix of contradictions in life ( like most people I guess) - I can be brutally honest or boringly diplomatic, I'm a creature of habit but still hate routine, I will easily settle for the comfortable but get all excited about anything even remotely adventurous, I can be the loud , boisterous girl or the shy , quiet one, I can stay detached and aloof with people, I can also be passionate and attached so on...

Now I pass on the tags to...

7. and YOU YOU YOU! Any one else who visits my blog, plss feel free to take up this tag and post a link in my comment box. And incase u are not a blogger, pls post the tag in the comment box. I would love to read them.


An Open Book said...

I didnt know u had a bad temper..and i still don blve u do... rest of the stuff..evn though i havent noticed most of it, I am quite familiar with it from the conversations we've had..
get on blogging babe..dont stop :)

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