Friday, February 19, 2010

Whats your personality type???

I took the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Personality test and this is what I got.

I'm an INFP (Introvert, Intuitive, Feeler, Perceiver) personality type.

INFPs value inner harmony above all else. Sensitive, idealistic, and loyal, they have a strong sense of honor concerning their personal values and are often passionately committed to making sure their beliefs and actions are congruent. INFPs are also extremely perceptive about people. They value their uniqueness and typically seek unconventional ways of doing things. Sensitive and empathetic, INFPs tend to be exceptionally adept at reading between the lines. Although they demonstrate cool reserve on the outside, INFPs care deeply inside.

They are compassionate, sympathetic, understanding and very sensitive to the feelings of others. They avoid conflict and are not interested in impressing or dominating others unless their values are at stake. INFPs seldom express the intensity of their feelings and often appear reticent and calm. However, once they know you, they are enthusiastic and warm. Feeling truly understood and respected for their unique perspective and strong values is important for many INFPs.

Check your personality type HERE and let me know what it is..


ani said...

here's me...

You are an ENFP (Extravert, Intuitive, Feeler, Perceiver)

ENFPs represent between 6 and 8% of the U.S. population

Curious, energetic, adaptable, and creative, ENFPs like considering unconventional approaches. They enjoy batting around ideas and finding creative solutions and are energized and intrigued by new possibilities and anything out of the ordinary. ENFPs tend to be talkative, enthusiastic, playful, and generally fun-loving people. Warm and caring, ENFPs have strong personal values upon which they base most decisions. Conversations with ENFPs can be very circular as they excitedly move from one topic to the next, making connections and associations.

Unconventional and occasionally irreverent, they pride themselves on their uniqueness and originality. Optimistic, and spontaneous, ENFPs have a strong sense of the possible. For them, life is an exciting drama. Because they are so interested in possibilities, ENFPs see significance in all things and prefer to keep lots of options open.

Chanz said...

Hey.. I got ESFP.. but I didnt get any description of my type.. :(
How do i get that..

btw I like your blog..

Preeti Shenoy said...

I had taken this long back..Now i dont remember the resulst! :)