Monday, February 22, 2010

Awww! I Miss Chennai!

I was channel surfing and I stopped @ a Tamil song which had the super hot Vikram and the gorgeous Trisha. It was a famous song, though I can neither hum nor remember the lyrics. But then, I was suddenly reminded of my Chennai days. And what days were those? The hot and sultry days, the long walks with friends in the huge campus, that tall glass of chilled fruit juice from the 'OOtys' fruitshop ( and if we are a regular, we get an extra half glass absolutely free!), the 25 bucks Chicken Noodles from the fast food joint, checking out good looking guys, hordes of traditions that we followed in the college, the spicy mutton cutlet -hot hot and freshly made bread omlette - and mint chutney sandwich at the evening canteen, yelling out to friends who are in for a bath to fill up our buckets lest the water supply stops before we get in, gathering around the giant water drum on weekends to do laundry, the special 10pm tea break during examination days, the movie watching sessions where the tamils and the mals fought over the choice of the movie, rushing back to the hostel as the bell goes, watching the lovers completing their unfinished conversation or ending it in a bitter fight, laughing at the security lady chasing guys who hang around the girl's hostel, staying up late at night and revising the hostel song, the fake headaches and the fake stomach aches before the freshers auditions, worrying about ragging, waiting for the juniors to arrive, detailed analysis of who is going out with who, the anticipation of going home, the pure ecstasy of home-made pickles, fighting over the home-made pickles, fighting with the auto drivers and fruits vendors in half tamil, defending the juniors, waking up early morning for compulsory jogging prior to the Sports day, the divine momos made by the Tibetan friends, the post midnight midnight snack munching peppered with conversations! Sigh!!!! I miss it all :)


Chanz said...

sounds like real fun.. :)

lex said...

nice post dee. This made me remember about ma life in Hyderabad. How fun was those time. Here I don't like Kerala. But now it seems like I got stuck here :)

Shades of Grey said...

LOL - sounds more like "I miss MCC" :D

Pointblank said...

@ Chanz - yeahh! back then, life was fun.. young n restless we were.

@ lex - u got stuck eh baby? I guess u will soon be stuck WITH a baby now :D

@ shades - Lot! true, I do miss MCC!