Monday, December 21, 2009

You are loved anyways, woman!

If you are open, then u are easy to talk to
If you are not, then u are the mystery men love to unravel!

If you are bold, then you are appreciated and looked up to
If you are not, then u kick up protective instincts!

If you are funny, you make men laugh
If you are not, then you are the responsible home-maker material

If you are intelligent, then u make conversations interesting
If you are not , then you are the dumb girl men love to joke with!

If you remember to look into the little important things, then you are thoughtful
If you don't, you are just a lil child who is easily forgiven!

If you are giggly, then u are definitely how a girl ought to be
If you are not, then u have a purpose!

If you are loud, u make for boisterous company
If you are not, quieter moments are relished with u!

If you are aggressive, then you offer healthy competition
If you are not, then u are tender companion!

If you smile often, you bring sunshine
If you cry often, you will find fingers to wipe ur tears!

If u talk about ur insecurities, then you are affable
If u don't, then u are the strong woman!

If you know to take charge, u are to great to share burdens
If you cannot, you will be looked after!

If you are liberated, then you are exciting
If you are coy, then you are subtle and sweet!

If you are bratty, then u are the child upto some mischief
If you are giggly, u are the girl who lightens up
If you are tender, then u are the loving woman!

If you are naive, u are the child who needs guidance
If you are chatty, then u are the girl who has fun
If you are strong, then u are woman who can take care!

If you are insecure, u are the child who will be hugged
If you are freaky, then u are the girl who will be playfully teased
If you are loving, then u are the woman men want to live with!!!

However u are, there is beauty in u woman, u are special. Love being U!


Anniee said...
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Anonymous said...

Well said :)