Monday, April 14, 2008

Coffee, Conversation and others….

Its back to the grind again! After a long break, m back to the corporate world. And that explains my absence from blogsville! And how much ever earning for yourself feels good, I really miss that blissful state of joblessness! Sigh…I can no longer stay up late into the night doing.. well…almost nothing. I cant sleep late into the mornings. I have a schedule to stick to and life is mechanical once again. I hate not being in control of my life anymore. If there is anything that I badly want, it is to follow my whims and fancies at every turn and never be told what is to be done. So being on my own, not having to follow rules made me a lazy bum. Now I’m battling to snap outta it. Now my eyes have a mind of their own. And to keep them from falling shut, I ‘m consuming excessive coffee! It indeed is a stimulant. And then while I sip on my coffee, I think of 25 years of work life that’s stretching ahead me!!! Life has just begun and I have to work for another 25 years NON STOP! Sigh….. And I realized another thing. Since I write the whole day at work, I’m no more motivated to blog. I never knew this would happen to me. Now that explains the crappiness of this post. Yeah, yeah! I blame it all on work stress! (Chuckle)

A typical mid -20 female conversation 

This is an online conversation I had with my friend P some time back. Thot I should put it down here.

P – guess wot! I'm turning 27 in two days!!!
Me – age is just a number girl
P – Yeah, U say that cuz ur only 24! Lets wait till u turn 27!
Me- well… not really… 24 or 27, u have earned that many years of ur life. So u gotta be proud of it.
P – Proud?!?!? ! U miss out on the babe factor.
Me – Oh! No! Ur the ultimate babe! 20 or 30!
P – Well…J thinks so atleast
Me – J is crazy
P – That he is...
Me - Lol..
P - But then he says according to his company’s marketing surveys youth wud mean upto 25!
Me – tell his company to go to hell. So by his own company’s standards he is old eh?
P – Yeah, he admits he is old...Damn! I feel so old. Suddenly I feel jealous of u!
Me- Well.. in three years I will be there too
P – and in three years I will be 30. THIRTY!!!
Me- hmmm…
P- I already started checking out anti-ageing creams
Me – Oh C’mon!!! What u talking bout??
P- Yeah, they say it’s a downhill from 25. Your ageing process begins at 25!
Me- Did J say this too to freak u out?
P – No di... I read it somewhere.
Me – Yeah!!! Ur rite… tat rings a bell somewhere! Tatz terrible!!!
P – Yeah! Tatz exactly what I was telling u!
Me -hmmm..Whoever said age is a number probably died young. That jack ass doesn’t know what growing old feels like! Whew!!!
P – LOL!


black coffee said...

lols@the jack ass who did die young!

Ps said...

Nice to see a post from you--finally.If you like you can read my post on aging.Its called 'age and prejudice.'U can search for it on my blog.

Shruti said...

welcome back :-)
I have to tell u.. THIS is the kind of post I love to read.. pure rants and rants within rants :-)
I can completely understand when u say ur eyes have a mind of their own now.. lol.. this I-wish-I-were-jobless feeling happens to me every Monday! You're back after a very long break.. ur case is clearly much worse :-)

Sam said...

As you say: grass is always greener on the other side!! ;)

Enigma said...

heheheh, i think i do know abt this converstaion..hahahah i rmeber many

Aaarti said...

hahahaha.... :)

Btw, ur work sounds like mine. i write all day too.. to earn my monthly or rather daily bread~D:

Pointblank said...

@ black coffee
LOL! I'm damn sure he died young!

Yeah, even m glad tat m back in action ;)Yup, read ur post.

Yeah.. even I thrivvvee on thes ekinda posts. I have certain cribbing partners too...

Pointblank said...

@ Sam

LOL! this is NOT a conversation I had with u kel, but yeah w ehave had similar chats. Tatz why I said a 'TYPICAL' mid 20 female conv. Many more such talks to come too!

Pointblank said...

@ Aarti,
yeah, daily bread! And diamonds too :)

Shades of Grey said...

This sounds like Nisha...

Mez said...

Haha..I get that ocnvo totally. 30 seems to close now & 21 seems like a dream. Boo hoo..sob sob.

Enigma said...

actally neets u told me about this during one of our chats....

vEENs said...

welcome back babe ;-)

jack ass really....i wrote a similar thing wen i was also thinking of a Ponds Age Miracle ;))

i dropped the idea for awhiile :))

Solitaire said...

Uh oh! Use Santoor. Twacha se umar ka pata hi nahi chalega.

accidental diva said...

I've just started a job hunt n' ur post is making me think twice about it:):)I so dont want to change my routine of endless/mindless internet surfing n' sleeping in but guess working aint too bad too.

Oh by the way I'm 27 n loving it..guess its all in the mind.Gr8 to have u back.

Vinod R Iyer said...

What are you .. The female version of me ?:P :) .. Coffee, laziness , cribbing ..Those are my fav too .. lol

And for the age factor .. I wish there is a rewind button somewhere .. damn !!

Nice post :)

Pointblank said...

@shady/sidey girl

Lol.. lotta ppl claim this to be bout them.. kel thinks its her..U think its Nisha.. why dint it ever occur to u that it cud be YOU.. hehehe.. anyways, well let u in on the secret.. but not here :)

lol.. u will, if ur a woman!


u think its u?? So WHEN did I tell u r the ultimate babe?? Lol.. jokes apart, u neither have a husband, nor the man in ur life is J. But yeah, ur 27, worried bout ur age n all tat.. but so are lotta other ppl.. and I have had several similar convesration with diffferent ppl.. tatz exactly why it is a TYPICAL female con..if u want I can dig up the con we had n post it too.. wut say?? but if u still claim it su, tat much better really. So when somebidy asks me who is P, I can say its actually K. K for kel! okie??

Pointblank said...

@ veens
I know.. jack ass only!

yeah.. I think my skin is quite young. Touch wood! so its not really bout loking young, its not even bout feeling young cuz I still feel real young. Its really bout 'being' young, the social implications and all!

yeah yeah... its all in the mind really! but then again not so much...U make atotal moron outta utself when u dont act ur age!


Lol... m glad I have a male version!

Yup, life has no reverse gear... And so I dint think age was much of a trouble with men. Thye never grow up really, or do they?? ;))

Vinod R Iyer said...

Trust me .. Age does trouble men too !! But not after 30 I guess.. It makes lil difference :).. OR may be not . Will tell you once I m there [:P]

Impressionist said...

LOL! :)


sansmerci said...

i don think age is just a number thats y i wanna die early :)

Silvara said...

Hahahaha.....that conversation sounds all too well as the grind back at work :)

Teclado e Mouse said...

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Gangsta Markiv said...

oh yea when I said once work starts you will long for some or rather lot of free time to do what you like the most. Strangely that is the way life works and women have the big trauma with the age and when they hit 30, they bring the whole house down. And it should not take long for you to think how beauty industry and the wrinkle free serums have survived this long! With time, the men becoming metro sexual and they too will cower to this aging procedure and wrinkles blah blah. I still feel men live life better after they hit 35 - mabbe becos of late emotional maturity(body wise)? Whatever, have a good one at work.

Beauty and the BEast said...

and to think I was waiting all my childhood to GROW UP!!

Damn if only I could step back in time again :P

g-man said...

i have heard soooooooo many people whining about their age...even those who turn 19 or 20 :) n yea, it IS just another number acc to me