Saturday, September 29, 2007

Parzania - Movie Review

I read a review written by my sis on the Movie 'Parzania'. After she mailed it to me to edit it(which I failed to do), I have been nagging her to post it on her blog. Finally she did. But since shez been so out of blogging due to her hectic schedule, there r hardly any visitors. Thot of helpin her out by giving a link to te movie review. Its available at


SV said...

I would definitely love to watch this movie.
Our India's seriously a crazy place to live in.Funny how the whole country becomes one when its time for the Cricket World Cup and how they butcher one of them like they do not deserve to exist!I wonder when would we get our crowns back.The crowns of hospitality and tolerance.

Good work at your blog.I like the way you write.And oh,by the way,happy 24! :)


Adi Crazy said...

What a coincidence! I just ordered for this DVD online and opened your blog in another tab - got here thru another blog - and woohaa!! Looks like i made the right choice today!

Veena said...

Whats happen'g no updates for a long time... ? wake up :)