Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Growing up 'Parentless'

I stumbled on a beautiful blog recently. There was a particular post on the blogger's father's death. She had written a line which went something like " I thought one grew up when one had a child, but now I think one truly grows up wen one loses a parent". I spared a thought on all those people who lost one or both parents when they were young. It must have been really tough for them. They probably dint have a childhood cuz they had to grow up fast. Now wen I look back, I'm glad tat I have been tolerant to those parentless people I had met in my life. Sometimes they had driven me nuts. And I had conveyed it clear to them. But deep inside I had been understanding and forgiving.I realized that growing up fast had a toll on them. And today I'm glad that I did that.


Me in my world.... said...

Hey Gal..
Where were u? back after a long time.. :)

Ps said...

yep--glad you did that.
And that blogger who wrote that line is me.Thanks for dropping by, and thanks for the compliments.

Ps said...

It would have been great if u linked me too! :P

Macabreday said...

hhmm..its more like childhood being snatched away suddenly from you...and the weight of adulthood being placed on your tiny shoulders,

Pointblank said...

@ my world
Yo girl! But.. err.. I neve wenr newere. Jus sufferin from writer's block. Actually, NO, jus plain lazy :)

Yup, I know its u. So u know how much it has really moved me to write a post on it. And tat line i quoted.. awesome!

yea.. tuff to deal with asituation like tat.

maverick said...

hey di..tht ws a beautiful post!