Monday, March 10, 2008

Let me be me

The wound just wouldn't heal
and the stubborn pain refuses to leave
its pierced me deep, tugging at my flesh
but m holding it close, for a false solace.

My eyes are dry
my head is dizzy
and I 've put on a fake smile

I've no sunshine here
no cheer to spread
I sell no dreams of vibrant hues
Would u still want me to stay?

I'm tired of this facade
Can I tear away this mask?
for its hurting me

Can I shed a tear?
for I cant hold it back any longer

Can I not smile
for my lips are sucked dry

Can I be me?
For once, will u pls let me be me????


Anonymous said...

So much pain in those words!

I've no sunshine here
no cheer to spread
I sell no dreams of vibrant hues
Would u still want me to stay?


--xh-- said...

hey PB, thzt lot of pain and emotions you paint there... whn u r sad and weighed with grief, sit and cry - it will help a lot :-D
and oh, yeah - even if you dont sell sunshine, we still want you around...

Ps said...

Poignant--made me think.Nicely expressed.

Pointblank said...

@ veens
pain! yeah!
thanks for saying 'yes'. I just felt like the man who popped the all-important qstn ;)

crying doesnt help all the time. Oh! u also want me to stay?? by the way, its dreams of vibrant hues and not sunshine. Focuz Xh! Focuz! ;)

Thanks Preeti! Ur comment means a lot. Ur one of my fav bloggers.

Gangsta Markiv said...

Wow.. nice cool romantic verses. I guess the person has a good way to explain how much she misses the guy and how much he has taken over the girl? For the wounds she got, when the guy is in her, seems to hurt her so much. She has lost control of her life and now she feels her life has gone for a toss. She thinks she is a vegetable living by the choice of others.

Cool interpretation eh?

Gangsta Markiv said...

It is an amazing poem you wrote. I am sure you will get very many people saying same think as mine. Was so touching. I so understood it !!!

Pointblank said...


wonderful interpretation! I'm impressed! I'm glad u just said romantic verses. I was fearing u wud say nice romantic comedy or smthg! Lol!

@ ur 2nd comment
Well... I'm sure tat u understood them. ur comment dripping with sarcasm speaks for it. LOl

Tys on Ice said...

yes...just be you...for you...

Shruti said...

Oh please be yourself always.. no matter what the world thinks. In fact, isn't it best if they see you as you really are? Tear off that mask and never wear it again.

Sam said...

Nice!!!! Go ahead, be yourself.. :)

Enigma said...

wow neets....nice..humnmmm
so wat am i supposed to interpret from this??? :O hummmm.....nicely written looks like all u guys r turning poets..u sne, swar...hehe

Enigma said...

and ya u can be u always!!!! :)

Pointblank said...

@ tys
yeah! for my sake... I know.. but yeah, who am I? - lol!

thanks shru! well...the mask is not coming off.. can u help??

thanks for dropping by again!

Pointblank said...

@ kel,

babe, do me a favour, will ya? Leave ur brains behind when u visit my blog! U really cant find much sense..Lol! And ur free to interpret whatever u want to. But once u do, come back n lemme know!

yeah, sne's poetry gave me the courage. I was kinda testing the waters thru her.

And No! I cant be myself, for m the woman in chans!!! Whao1 I like the way it sounds.. so m anext poem will be "woman in chains!"

Impressionist said...

wow! that was a wonderful poem!


Impressionist said...

lol! The latest 2 posts were not written by me! :D it was my other friends Nothingman! :P
I primarily blog on my other blog, jut a guest writer on fucked up blog! :P


Pointblank said...

@ Impressionist

Now I no more wonder how u manage to leave a sane comment in ur state of drunkness. Ur actually sane. Its ur friend!

PS - Is this friend your alter ego by any chance?? ;)

Aaarti said...

I've no sunshine here
no cheer to spread
I sell no dreams of vibrant hues
Would u still want me to stay?

Wow, i dont know what to say girl..the amt of pain and yearning that oozes from every word... guess each of us has our own way of dealing n expressing wats within us...


Mystique said...

sometimes.........holding onto the wound is the best security blanket....but it kinda shreds you apart, and you don't know it....

Impressionist said...

glad u know now! :D
and yes, This friend of mine is more like my alter ego! :P
maybe u shud read his blog to know more!!


Shades of Grey said...

Mols...who doesn't let you be you? Let me at them...I'll tear em apart!

That said, well done.

diyadear said...

hey gal,

nice template.. loved the color!!! glad to see tat this time ur consistent :)

Keshi said...

wow beautiful!

JUST BE YOURSELF always...never learn to please, just learn to be you.


Pointblank said...

@ shades

Shady girl!!! ur here! m so glad! so are u out in the open? Or u still maintaining ur anonymity? Can I shout out ur name now?? But trust me, there is a certain thrill in anonymity!U can bare your soul without worrying bout what ppl think. Yeah, its another thing that I get to read them all. But its ME rite?? Lol! I greedily distributed my blog id to one and all. Sometimes I regret it. But then again its wonderful connecting with people! :)

@ ur comment

Hmmm... Who lets me be myself I ask?Honestly, do u always get to be urself? Dont u conform too??

Pointblank said...


thanks! write more often girl!

Thanks a lot for dtopping by!

Enigma said...

neets isnt every human being in some kind of bondage or chains...atleast at some point in life we cant just b ourselves na...once there r kids, most parents forget abt thmselves and adapt their life to give their kids a life and so on...

D said...

This is special. And you know why.

~Blindreck~ said...

neet... i mean is that u writing that??? edi its lovely! y this twist towards darkness??

christena said...

Good one molls i really liked it....