Sunday, January 6, 2008

To Sis, With Love

The world and its Uncle might have already wished u a great Newyears. This is my first post of the year, hence the delay. Hope u all had loads of fun. I had fun too. Here’s wishing all my readers a lovely year ahead filled with loads of happiness, good health, love and laughter!!

My sis was home for a week. And I had a lovely time with her. We talked a great deal, shopped a lot, lunched out and watched movies together. Shez grown to become one of my best buddies now. I’m amazed at how we grew from ‘hating’ each other to loving each other again.

When I was a child, I used to dote on my lil sister. She was my sweet little baby and I loved her to bits. We had our share of sibling fights (never rivalry, just fights), but then like all sisters we patched up. But then teenage happened and we couldnt see each other eye to eye. It would be more precise to say I couldn’t stand her, cuz she was still nice to me. Only I thought having a sister (younger esply) was a curse!!! Maybe because having a sis meant having to share all things girlie and precious (yeah, like plastic bangles, satin ribbons or lace!). Or having a younger sibling meant having to give in all the time cuz I was ‘older’ even at 2 years.!! Or cuz she always got the bigger slab of chocolate cuz she was younger and u know she would ‘cry’. I always wanted to have a big bro. I don’t remember the reasons, but mebbe cuz all my buddies had elder brothers. But I also remember that was hardly the reason for my fights with sis. I was just stubborn and spoilt!

We both had more than our share of endless fights which went on for days unsettled. . One fight led to another and days turned into weeks, weeks into months, months into years! Our resentment grew with age. We looked through each other, hardly talked, behaved like the other person didn’t exist. We were two strangers living under the same roof! But slowly, but steadily, we resolved our differences. But by the time we were back to our old selves, it was time for both of us to move on with our lives. Higher education and career took us away from home. Then I would time my visits to home according to her hols so that we could be together. That was when I realized the value of all those years I wasted hating her!!

Today, it’s hardly possible to meet her as often as I want to. And each meeting would normally last less than a week. That’s just not enough! As days go by, we are gonna get busier with our lives. I would often dream of times when my parents, me and sis would ‘live’ (and not holiday) together in the same house, leave the same house in the morning for work and come back to the same house in the evening. And most important, we wouldn’t have to worry about catching a train to somewhere else tomorrow.

But things had to change. And now that she has left, I feel so empty. Even today, we don’t talk much like other sisters do. Me n sis are diametrically opposite people. We have different takes on life and our idea of fun is totally different. Yet, she is such an awwwesome person, ALWAYS willing to put the other person before her! And it’s wonderful to have her around. I can order her around, nag her endlessly, bore her with my PJs, pull her legs and when I feel like it, just run to her and give her a tight hug. So today I say, “Sisters are such a blessing”!!! Love ya babe, mwaaah!


--xh-- said...

wow, a straight frm heart blog...
nice to hear that u had anice time with ur sis.
man, i too miss my bro big time.. he will b cmming to b'lore next month.. itz been almsot 3-4 mnths since i hv seen him.

Enigma said...

humm neets, well fights happen everywhere..same with me and my bro..there was a time i sued to love him..the came to a point where i couldnt stand him and now we love each other so much, he tells me all his secrets , even ones he wont tell others, specially girls and ya we do comfort each other. ya i do miss him a lot..its been almost 1 yr and 4 months since i saw him...and ya its time to move on with life and will miss all that fun together..he is also my biggest supporter today which my parents detest and same otherway round too..they tell me that i am spoling my bro by supportin him in everythin..:)

Enigma said...

and good to c the posts commin forth..was wonderin y u were not updating

Vik said...

Hey, such a heartfelt post and I am actually glad you guys have patched up the differences that mattered to you. I think with age you tend to mellow down a bit and take relationship more meaningfully.

So suddenly every blog reader in this world would have a moist eye and would search for the long hated sibling :-)

Just save this post from Shah rukh khan, he would make a movie like Om Shanti Om with the story like being same exact of yours....

And hey welcome home and happy new years to you and your sista as well. Next time you hang out together, have that extra of every thing you have for me :) :)

Tys on Ice said...

personally i think siblings are gods way of having the last laff...kinda, 'lets see wht u do with this one' thingy...

but i must admit that they are a great source of entertainment, a verbal punching bag, an emotional sponge, a mirror and most of the time a pain in the neck....ahhh, how can one help not being in love with such a thing?

Thinking aloud said...

i'm the middle of two siters and boy did i resent it!!...but now we are so close that i wonder why i even bothered finding fault !!!

it is such a funny feeling, hating yet loving!!! :)

Shruti said...

U feel lighter when u said that all na? :) I have an elder brother. Its nothing to envy u know.. these ppl boss over the younger sis like.. Hitler! Whoa! So ironical, I always wonder how it would be to have a sis, thought it would be like having ur best friend stay with u.
In the end, I think nothing can be generalised

Enigma said...

heheh neets i agree with the comment above..older bros r not fun at all...all my cousins are bossed around by their older bros and even my bro used to tell me, if i was ur elder one i would sure hav given u a few slaps

ani said...

u made me miss big sis biiiig time! :)) n to think even i wanted an elder bro! but then wisdom fell upon me! elder sis's are so much more understanding about boyfren woes! big bros wud rather punch th guy in the nose! :DDD

Prats said...

I so relate to this ...I had written a similar one sometime back..its here
Sisters can never take the place of any other..and the bond just gets stronger as we grow older, I accept.

Ps said...

I always wanted to have a sister and miss having one. I make up for it with a very very close friend.(we're almost like sisters--almost.
Lucky u.

Sam said...

Pointblank, Hey, I totally didn't mean it to be you, you wrote a post for your sister, "just for her" and soo sweet, I too did one for my niece..What I was refering to was putting down names of loved ones for the heck of it, "without" any relation to the subject of the post itself..
Please don't take any offense, and am sorry if I hurt you any ways..

--xh-- said...

hey pb, which of ur comment disappeared from my post TZP? i didnt get any other comment da... come, do the comment again...

anonme said...

Wow! That just took me back in time when i visited my sister.. Only i'm the younger one and i'm the spoilt one here! She was an angel thru all the fights and beatings that she took from me, always placing me before herself.. Always there! I realised her value only wen she left to aussie for her studies.. Til then i was too busy fightin!
Thanks for makin me relive my memories.. :)
lovely post like everybodys told u already!

maverick said...

thts so sweet dii..u made me easily u took all the blame upon urself..maybe thts what being an elder sister means

Pointblank said...

@ xh,
Oh! I really didnt think tat even bros bonded big time. The brothers I know talk only thru sighs n grumbles! lol!

life! sigh!

well... if Shahrukh fails to make a movie outta it, then I will.

u said it dude!

Pointblank said...

@ thinking loud
glad u guys came around

now I dont miss having a big bro

@ ani
lol! ur comments r so much funnier than ur posts

Pointblank said...

@ prats
I read it and loved it!

Thanks1 Lucky u too!

@ sam
hey.. never offence taken.

thanks a lot!

oh! chweetie pie! did my post add on to ur sorrows! well.. that is NOT what elder sisters mean. but m just beong nice to u! wink;) wink ;)

Vik said...

your wish is being fulfilled [:D].. care to check the blog out for details [:D]

Vik said...

Oh that cast-your-vote thingy you have has some dumb options so invariably it's gotu be option 1 ALL da time, matey...

Btw, why have you pulled your picture down?

Vik said...

mellow down a bit, I guess you got ticked for some reason [OR] it sounded like that to me in your comment.

LOL, yea that rip off is so true - I actually have a forward which was why you should not put your picture in the internet. The poor guy gets morphed to several funny situations or moments.. So yea makes sense.