Sunday, January 13, 2008

People! $#$# off!

How I loath receiving advice! Esply on something real personal. And more so when the advisor believes in stereotypical gender roles!! I so Bloody hate it. When somebody tells me "hey.. this is what a woman should do!" Then I will NEVER do it. Who created these roles after all? Whatever we say bout moving ahead, we still live in regressive times. We never, once think about straying from laid down rules. Thatz unthinkable! A woman's biggest enemy is a woman most of the times.

I'm freaking mad at someone who passed a remark and I'm fuming here. How can somebody else just 'decide' what my future would be and how I should lead my life. Why do some people refuse to acknowledge tht life offers so many BLOODY choices!!! Its only upto ME to decide wot I want to pick. Its MY life for heaven's sake! I will play hide n seek with it, throw it up in te air n catch it, kill myself or do what ever I wanna do with it. Who is anybopdy else to comment on??? Just buzz off people!!! Get a life outside mine!

People are bloody jealous! Just cuz they had a tough life, they just wont let anyone else have a good life! Their attitude is something as regressive as this " There was no transport years back, so ppl had to walk. So even today, when u have all these cars, u still HAVE to walk. Any other mode is unthinkable"! Where's the fucking logic???

Boy! m still freaking out here! but wot wud have I done without this blog??I wud have probably hit tat person on the head!!!


Vik said...

LMAO. I guess that person deserved that part considering what he had to say. But hey, it is a free country isn't it?!?!? just ignore and see through them and have a laugh that would surely keep them in crazy times. But whoever this guy/gal was surely I would love to see them [:D]

For now, you said it and it is outside the system so take it easy.. Tiger

Pointblank said...

yup its a free country. hence I dint say a word, just wrote a post on it!

Cockroach said...

Hey...Someone is really pissed to the core. Hmmm...I've a good idea. Go home,look at the mirror and find yourself your best friend and give her a smile and forget everything. If you ask me, I'm my best friend and I trust me.

--xh-- said...

welcome to the club. we guys also face this muzik.. of irrational stupid ppl tryting to gave us gyaan on a 1000 things... as the saying goes, 'it is easy to score a goal when u r in da gallery'. yeah, it is fuc*king MY life, and otehr ppl, please stay away. aata girl.. like that attitude. :-) cheer up... and ask the ppl to fuc* off.

Eve* said...

Just starting suggesting counterpoints to whatever that person is doing and give him a taste of his bloody advice. LOL. Dont freak out. :D

Enigma said...

heheh..join the club neets...ohh boy i get it most of the i guess people dont tell much fearing my reaction..i end up bluntly askin who created the rule, law etc..hehe

Vinesh said...

often, people say these things because their own life is pretty badly messed up and passing free remarks on another's life gives them a false feeling of control or significance.

sansmerci said...

join the club babe ... relax.. take a deeeeeeep breath... now say.. jus show lift one of ur fingers and show it ...hope u got the rite finger!

proquik said...

With a gist of fieriness, feel this hot wind blow
Some man or woman left this wild gal scorned
Her life is hers to live and its for her to show
Whats in her mind she does know!

Tear away times, the next century cometh,
Words of wisdom, they were good for then,
Today you live in a world of choices
You can keep talking, but pointblank aint heed your voices

The paths that she heads to, in comfort or pain, she loves to walk on

Go gal, with your head high and open mind, dream on...

... and thanks for ur comment on mine..

Pointblank said...

@ all

Thanks for understanding

WOW! that was such a lovely piece!

proquik said...

so abt my "Sweet goodbye", it was a very "straight" poem... like u said.. its written from the woman's heart.. her feel... actually i wrote it first person initially.. then unusually changed it to the second person.. which worked better for the words in the poetry.

GettingThereNow said...

Yup. Such people get my goat too. And to such extent sometimes that I HAVE to do what they say I can't do (or vice versa). If only my MIL knew, she could get me to do everything she wanted! LOL!!

Hershey Desai said...

seems like you are getting a LOT of advice from people.
Had to reach a point where it overloads and you lose your cool :)

Personally, I like walking, even though I own a car.. with all the traffic in the city these days, walking is faster..
but yes, I do get your point.

good thing you have this blog.

Adi Crazy said...

I know how you feel and I so much hate the feeling. Only I know how I fight the urge to punch them in the nose. But this if funy too, if you come to think of it. Most of the ppl who say mean things like this are big time losers themselves. hahaha

Jealous, that's what they are.

Great blog! :)

Destination Infinity said...

The Jay-Talkers get irritated when you dont react to their Gyan. Better just smile in a very good natured way with innocent looks (which is so easy for girls. Cos when i tried this first, i was irritated, not the other person) and watch their face turn red. Then you can really smile :-)

Destination Infinity.

Anonymous said...

Hi,dropped in here through Adi's space.Nice blog that you have here.An impressive writing style with a lot of emotions behind every word you write.
Can not say much about the posts above as they are genuinely not your creations( and i am an admirer of creative writings ) but this very post seems interesting..Illuminates a paradox in your web persona-- "You don't make rash decisions and are rarely moved by emotion.

You prefer what's known and proven - to the new and untested."--- that is what is written for you in the above post.I will leave the rest for you to decide as to how good these sites are at judging people :D.
Hope to see more of fiery write-ups here.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Coming to this very post of yours (specifically)--
Well, I could sense the rush of adernalin which made this post possible.But you see, its not anyone else (a woman or a man for that matter) who decides what we are.We are what we are because we CHOSE it to be that ways.About someone making a remark on you ( or us {generally speaking} )-- its the way you take it.The way we look at it.They could either be tagged as "unwanted,crap thoughts which are of no use to us" or as some would quote," they are the most essential raw materials that we need to achieve perfection"-- You are smart enough to decide which is a fair option !! Anger does not bring out the best us ~ Pleasure reading your write-up

Shruti said...

one bad thing.. that person should've really got hit on the head. I too hate this gender biased advices- which is why I make it a point to ALWAYS laugh aloud with all my heart! Keep up that spirit, but.. how did u keep quiet all the while??? That's a lot of patience!