Monday, December 17, 2007

It Kills me to think

Below is a poem I wrote for a random school contest. The theme of the poem is unrequited love. I found it when I was digging for some lost papers. Now when I read it, I find it a lil corny. Thought I'l post it anyways. It goes like this....

It Kills me to think

You bring out the best in me
Every time I’m with you
I fall in love with myself.
Because I say to you
What I’ve never said before
I do for you
What I’ve never done before.

But it kills me to think that ‘m not to you, wot you are to me.

I remember every glance we exchanged
Every word we spoke, every moment we spend in silence.
But in your memories I may not even exist.

And it kills me to think that for you, ‘m just another woman
But your the standard by which I judge every man.

Every time u looked into my eyes and spoke nothing
I thought I read your silence right.
Every time I fought with you just to talk to you
I thought you could read my mind.
Every time I buried my dreams under yours
I thought you would know why.

And it kills me to think that you couldn’t see in my eyes
Wot I so wanted to say with my lips.

You met many women and moved on with life.
I met many men, but in everyman I met
I kept looking for YOU.

Whats between us can be created with none
Because all the magic comes to life, only when I’m with you.
Though unseen, I can deeply feel the heat
And with all my heart, I know you are irreplaceable.

And it kills me to think I can never feel the same feel again.


--xh-- said...

'But it kills me to think that ‘m not to you, wot you are to me' he he - just this one line contains the whole of the poem :)

--xh-- said...

btw, i blogrolled you :) missed 2 of your updates and realised i have not added you to my GR. done that now.

sansmerci said...

awesome! don tell me u wrote this in school!

~Blindreck~ said...

u wrote this in school neeettt?? :O
its kickass babes, really! btw, who was this 'man' of yours?? don tell me it was some professor :P lol..


Pointblank said...

uh-uh! now pls dont tel me i wrote so many extra lines??? hey..thanks for blogrolling me. I gotta add u too!

Thanks babe. ur comment matters :)yup, wrote it in school, just polished it a bit. Actually I scrapped one whole stanza.I was more imaginative those days.

even if t was a prof., m sure he wudn have been like! And thanks a bunch for dropping by sne!

Vik said...

PB, another literary geek I found in the internet eh. Why is it always women come up with poems... I mean no offense, but I cannot comprehend poems at all :-[

Well then wat's Blindwreck, hinting :-) A major dedication to someone eh...

Vik said...

Now, i read them and I think it is nice... sweet actually.. damn you woke the woman in me LOL

Pointblank said...

@ vik,

yeah, we women love being a lil silly at times. But I guess te world needs a fair amount of mush to keep going! I was so into poetry at one point of time, dont comprehend it much myself now. Guess, I have left all te much behind n moved on.

Oh! did I wake the woman in u? So wht they say is true huh? - tat there is a feminine side to every man. Or is it - there is a child in every man? Hell! wotever!

Pointblank said...

mush i mean

dame's diary said...

PB the poetess!
Nice one ....

Bhaanu said...
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Bhaanu said...
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anonme said...

i loved the poem!
such talent in school? ;)

"You met many women and moved on with life.
I met many men, but in everyman I met
I kept looking for YOU."

that has to be the best part!

btw i am blogrolling you cos i just loved your space! :)

Vinesh said...

wow - intensity at that age!
may he get you :-)

Sam said...

Hey, its not corny at all..its very nice!! :)

Bhaanu said...

Because I got scared :-(.

Bhaanu said...

I had defibrillators ready ;)

GettingThereNow said...

Hey, VERY nice!! Me like!

Macabreday said...

who said its corny?
i thought it was a well written one.
but i know what you mean. there are tons of stuff i had written. when i finish, i think its a masterpiece, but a few days later i think its corny and crap and throw it away

Shruti said...

*sob**sob* that was so nice.. nice writing, girl

Sango said...

Awwww.. So nicely written.. Beautiful words used..