Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Love!!!

I always liked the tall, broad, wheatish types... Either that or the bespectacled , intelligent, tall types. I was never into the fair, cutiee,chocolate types. I have always seen my friends drooling over the chocolate boys, but they captured neither my interest nor attention. I swooned over naughty, mischeivous smile (the kallachiri, as I often call it) instead. And guys with a great sense of dressing (and can tell beige from brown), attractive and brisk body language and lotta energy. But I never thot that I would find that combination in one package. And then u walked into my life, and I was floored!!! Even though it was definitely not love at first sight for me, u managed to create a very positive first impression. But then I had a million nagging doubts in my heart. What if ur a pyscho? What if you are a playboy? What if ur a pathological flirt( that kallachiri didn't help ur case). What if ur a compulsive liar? (again ur kallachiri landed u in trouble). Slowly, but surely, the doubt and insecurities disappeared. After endless discussions, fights, tears and breakups (ahem! ahem!), we are here today!!! And I must say that ur unfaltering smile still makes my heart skip a beat!!! :):):)

During our first date, I was over-joyed to know that u are passionate about travelling, food and movies - three of my loves too!! As we plan and dream about all the wonderful holidays that we would take in future, I cannot stop beaming with such immense joy. And food.... I always wanted someone who enjoys food and loves experimenting. When we start talking about food, there is no stopping us. And its amazing that we enjoy the same kinda movies and keep quoting lines outta them :)... We love the same things, believe in the same things and share many interests. Iam so glad that you share my aesthetic taste too, so we don't have to fight over the colour of the curtain or the shape of the coffee table. I can easily trust you to buy me something and can rest assured that u will get back with something I like. I am thrilled when I go shopping with you. You enjoy shopping too (as much as a guy is legally allowed to enjoy :D) and do not mind going from shop to shop looking for the right stuff!

We have our differences too. My relationship with sports ends with just knowing how to spell it right. But you are not just an ardent fan, but u also thoroughly enjoy getting out into the field and sweating it out there. I can sniff some very passionate channel wars in future...As I often tell you, whenever a new gadget hits town, ur the first to know and am the last to know. Iam lazy and laidback. Ur high on energy. God! Its tough keeping pace with you... I sit up in awe and watch, as you neatly fold clothes and pack them into your suitcase. Me, on the other hand, belive in the "Curl and Throw" theory. I curl my clothes into a ball and throw them into the cupboard or suitcase. :P.. And am a whiner!!! I used to exude lotta negative energy, crib endlessly, wallow in self-pity, seek out melancholy and run to you for solace. But u didn't entertain it one bit and made it very clear that u cannot find solutions to my "unreal" problems. Your indifference did help me be a stronger person, even though it thoroughly shattered me initially!! That said, whenever I had "real problems" and was in "real need", u were alwaysss there for me :):):)... U exude lotta positive energy and always focus on the brighter things in life. And ur positivity has rubbed off on me. I feel that I have become a better person now.

Your are a perfect combination of all things awesome - You are such a fun person and share my brand of humour. I absolutely enjoy hanging out with you. You love all the fun things in life. Yet, I have never seen someone more responsible than you. I sometimes wonder how you keep track of so many things, follow up on them, organize things in the head, takes initiatives and manages everything so responsibly.... You are assertive and sticks to your word when it comes to matters of principles.. But when it comes to matters of heart, you are as tender as it can get... When u have made up ur mind, no amount of crying, coaxing, cajoling or cootchie cooing will work with you.. but u melt into mush when somone u love is hurt....I have heard a lot of girls complaining that the men in their lives are so unemotional. But am truly glad that u totally get my emotional side and even enjoy a bit of emotional conversation. Sometimes ur just a child being all silly, sometimes you are all so naughty and fun like a guy, at other times you take charge like a man and handle the situation so well....And I SOOO love that AGRESSIVE-GENTLE combination!!! You are an extrovert and can keep the conversation going forever, yet when I tell you smthg close to my heart, you listen raptly with genuine interest. You love adventure, excitement and taking risks, but that doesn't make you reckless. You are a sensible person who thinks things through, plays it safe and plans things in great detail... You are a realistic guy, with his feet firmly planted on the ground. But you are also the more romantic one in the relationship. You remember birthdays (not just mine, but everyone who matters to you), do cute lil romantic things, say all the right lines and get all moist-eyed when I say smthg mushy.

Something that really brought us together is our love for our respectives families. We both realise and understand that family is supreme, and that there are very few things that are more important than the families. We find so much pleasure in spending time with our family and absolutely treasure such moments of togetherness. I have been teased by friends many times when I chose my family over friends. But Iam absolutely sure that I have been right. We both are very clear that being in a relationship or getting married won't change our love for our families. Sure, priorities must and will change, but we do know that some relationships are forever.

Iam soooo happy that ur bonding well with my family, esply my Dad. Its nice when the two men in my life talk fondly about each other.(And now I have a feeling that u both have ur own secrets that u dnt share with me :O) The day u told me that my Dad is a nice person, is one of the happiest days of my life! I see a lot of him in you - the principles & values, the optimism, the undying spirit, sibling love, the responsibility, the protectiveness and caring. Yet, you two are poles apart. Dad is such a cynic and ur such a believer!! And am glad u have none of his cynicism. Dad fights when someone is unfair to him, but u smooth-talk ur way( unless fighting is the only remaining option).. Dad believes that Newyears, festivals and birthdays are just another days, where as u treat them as moments for celebrations... Iam glad :)

Iam so happy when I see you doting over ur nephew and niece in particular, and over kids in general. Iam sure that you will make an amazing Dad. I have an awesome Dad, and want my kids to have an awesome Dad too (mostly cuz their mom would be a lost case :D).

But of all the amazing qualities that you have, something that really defines you is ur heart of gold(I say this at the risk of sounding cliched). You are genuine to a fault and is an extremely loyal person. You make friends for life and stand by them thru thick and thin. (whether u keep in touch or not). I often tell you that ur truly blessed to have such life-long friendships. But smthg that I rarely tell you is that you really deserve such everlasting friendships cuz u have earnt them. You cannot see anyone hurt and you often go out of ur way to keep everyone around you happy. You protect the underdogs and go an extra mile to help a needy person. Once during our galavanting, when we bumped into two girls who were lost (two pretty bombshells, so no underdogs mind you, but still they were lost!), you tried your best to help them out (out of genuine humanitarian concern i believe). Though I had a bad headache the whole day (okay, I faked it cuz I was mighty pissed off with ye :D), I secretly admired you. You are honest to the core. Sure, u can think up lies on ur feet and cook up stories. But as u say, ur an open book and if people can read you, they will know you. But you have also taught me that its okay to lie if it saves someone a heartache. You never do something just cuz it is a cool thing to do, but you are individualistic enough to do things on ur own terms .

We both believed in the beauty of a stable and strong relationship. Our friends advised us to enjoy our life and to not waste our time by waiting for the right person who may never turn up. But am glad that we waited for each other and we didn't ruin the exclusivity of this special bond by giving pieces of ourselves to prior short-term flings or momentary pleasures. (Ofcorz, we have our own blasts from the past. But we knew where to draw the line).

You are truly a gem of a person. But that doesn't make you too much of a good boy or a bore. Lotta nice people I know are so boring... and lotta interesting people I know are.. well.. not so nice. They just have their own interests in mind, and just want to have fun. So I have often wondered if there would be someone who is nice AND interesting - someone who believes in the importance of family, but has ventured out of his comfort zone and travelled the world ... someone who is naughty, but nice.. ... someone who is fun, but sensible.. someone who is romantic, but realistic.. someone who is protective, yet enjoy being pampered... someone who is spontaneous, but also a planner.. someone who offers awesome company, but gives me space. someone who treats a woman like a lady, yet considers her a buddy... someone who is assertive, but tender... And my love, u are all this and more.....

I love it when ur matching wits with me ... the teasing and taunting ... the peppery romance... the great laughs... the friendship we share.... the long, serious conversation... the casual, mindless chatter... the back-to-back movies... the unending search when we can't find the exactt thing we want to eat... the joy when we discover it.. the endless cootchie cooing... the awesome cuddles... but what I like best is when u look at me dreamily with eyes full of innocence and love...That is when it hits me that "This sweetheart is MINE!!!".... MUUUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!


Have a fantastic life... better said.. Have a fantabulous life with me!!! :P ;) :)


Jane's Ire said...

I truly enjoyed this and have to say it's the best you have ever written. The ease of flow indicates how genuine and 'straight from the heart' it is. Congrats to you both!

Adi Crazy said...

LOVED reading this post. A really sweet, tugging-at-heart kind of writing. Hugs!

lexi said...

I am glad that you got the king of partner you always wanted. muahh girl.. waiting to see you in wedding in all the traditional style.. hehehe... dee I think your prior design for this blog was good than this